Scientific Program


Date: 30, Jan ,2020 ( Thursday )

i. Workshop 1:
Transcranial Doppler
Date: Jan 30th, 2020
Time : 9am-5pm
Venue: Radisson Blu Resort, Temple Bay, Mahabalipuram

  Registration 8:30-9:00 AM
Introduction & Workshop Overview Dr Deepak Sharma / Dr V Ponniah 0900-0910
Cerebrovascular Anatomy, TCD Physics and Principles Radhakrishnan 0910-0930
Knobology & Performing the Basic TCD Examination Deepak Sharma 0930-0950
Demonstration of Basic TCD Examination Lokesh B 0950-1010
TCD Wave from Analysis Saurabh Anand 1010-1030
TEA BREAK 1030-1045
Hands-on Session 1 (Learning Passports)
4 groups
Deepak Sharma, B Lokesh, M. Radhakrishnan, Ponniah Vanamoorthy, Saurabh Anand 1045-1145
Cerebral Autoregulation and CO2 Reactivity M. Radhakrishnan 1145-1205
Reporting the TCD Examination B. Lokesh 1205-1225
LUNCH 1225-1330
Hands-on Session 2 (Reporting TCD)
4 groups
Deepak Sharma, M. Radhakrishnan, Ponniah Vanamoorthy, Saurabh Anand, B. Lokesh 1330-1430
TCD for Carotid Endarterectomy Deepak Sharma 1430-1450
Emboli Monitoring and assessing cerebral hemodynamics in stroke /TIA Lokesh B 1450-1510
TCD for Cerebral Vasospasm Saurabh Anand 1510-1530
TCD for Raised ICP & Cerebral Circulatory Arrest Ponniah Vanamoorthy 1530-1550
Tea Break 1550-1600
Case Discussions & Interpretation Deepak Sharma, Radhakrishnan, Ponniah Vanamoorthy, Saurabh Anand, B. Lokesh 1600-1630
Q&A, Group Discussion Deepak Sharma, Radhakrishnan, Ponniah Vanamoorthy, Saurabh Anand, B. Lokesh 1630-1700

ii. Workshop 2:
Date: 30/1/19

LOCAL CORDINATOR: Dr Sudhakar Subramanium
Course coordinator: NItin Manohar

1. Dr Nitin Manohar (Hyderabad)
2. Dr Suparna Bharadwaj (NIMHANS, Bengaluru)
3. Dr Dheeraj Masapu(Bengaluru)
4. Dr Parthiban (Mumbai)
5. Dr Sudhakar Subramanium (Chennai)
6. Dr Srinivas Babu (Vellore)
7. Dr Shwethal G (Mumbai)
8. Dr Prasanna Bidkar (JIPMER, Pondicherry)

Guest faculty:
9. Dr Rupesh (Chennai)
10. Dr K Sridhar(Chennai)

Registration 8-8.30 am
Programme :
(Brief lectures)
1. 8.30-8.40am -Welcome address- Dr Sudhakar
2. 8.40-9am- Introduction to IONM and Workshop- Dr Nitin Manohar
3. 9-9.15 am -Neurophysiological basis of IONM –Dr Srinivas Babu
4. 9.15-9.30am -IONM in supratentorial Brain tumors- Dr Parthiban
5. 9.30-9.45-IONM in infratentorial Brain surgeries- Dr Suparna
6. 9.45-10 am-IONM in Spine- Dr Dheeraj
7. 10-10.10am- IONM in Pediatric Neurosurgeries- Dr Astha, Dr Prasanna
8. 10.10-10.20 am-IONM in vascular and Advanced techniques- Dr Nitin M
9. 10.20-10.30 am-Anaesthetic challenges-Dr Shwethal G
10. 10.30-10.50- Dr Rupesh and Dr K Sridhar

Tea break 10.50-11 am
Stations:11-1 am (half hour each)

1. Station 1:
SSEP MEP – Dr Srinivas Babu
Cortical mapping and DCS - Dr parthiban

2. Station2 :
Cranial nerve monitoring ,BAER- Dr Suparna
D wave, EEG,VEP and other techniques-Dr Nitin

3. Station 3:
Spine -Dr Dheeraj
Pediatric–Dr Astha

4. Station 4:
Anaesthesia for IONM - Dr Sudhakar, Dr Shwethal Goraksha
Lunch: 1-1.30 pm
 1.30-2 pm - Checklist and Simulation
 2-3 pm - Case scenarios and approach–4 Groups
 3-3.30 pm - Post course Quiz-
 4 pm- Valedictory function and certificate distribution

Registration Fee: Rs 2000

Conference Registration is Mandatory for Registration to Workshops

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