Scientific Program


Date: 30, Jan ,2020 ( Thursday )

i. Workshop 1: Transcranial Doppler (9 am to 5 pm, Venue : Radisson Blu Resort Temple bay, )

ii. Workshop 2: Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (9 am to 5 Pm , Venue : Radisson Blu Resort , Temple Bay)

31st January 2020 - Day 1  Program

Session 1
Dexmedetomidine in pediatric neurosurgery - Enough evidence, yet waiting for approval?
Opioid free Neuro-anaesthesia - How far we have come?
Surgical revascularization of Moya Moya disease - Anaesthetic challenges
Session 2
Known knowns and Unknown knowns in neuroscience
Perioperative Sleep Disturbances, Wearable Devices and Anesthetic Outcomes in the Era of Precision Medicine”?
Traumatic brain injury and biomarkers to guide our therapy and response
Session 3
36 weeks pregnant patient with aneurysmal SAH - Perioperative maanagement
Monitoring pain in perioperative period - Are we doing justice?
Practice of Neuroanesthesia  in Myanmar
Oration 1 - Malathi Oration
Comparative-effectiveness of research in SAH
Session 4
 Assessment of cerebral hemodynamics in acute ischemic stroke
Evidence and recent advances in stroke thrombectomy
Improving the outcomes in acute ischemic stroke in limited resource settings
Session 5- videosessions
Sitting position craniotomy
Airway management in unstable cervical spine injury patients
How I monitor the brain intraoperatively?
Session 6- Interactive discussions
Rehabilitation in neuro ICU
Difficult airway for awake craniotomy
Session 7-Panel Discussion
Prognostification in acute brain injury: How precise we are?
Special talk - Social media in Anaesthesia education
Resarch Methodology Workshop - Hall B

1st February 2020 - Day 2 Program

PG Symposium
Endoscopic third ventriculostomy: Anesthetic challenges
Intraoperative brain bulge: Causes and management
Delayed emergence after Neurosurgery: Causes and management
Session 1
Noninvasive ventilation in NeuroICU - Is it practical?
The emerging role of HBOT in neurorehabilitation - Possibilities and challenges
Urgent reversal of antothrombotics 
Session 2- SNACC Panel
Actual Precision Medicine: How close are we in Anesthesia practise?
Optimal perioperative management of the geriatric patient
Frailty and Postoperative Outcomes after Complex Spine Surgery
Quiz Prelims
Session 3
Awake craniotomies under IMRI: A two edged sword
Craniotomy: Gas or IV, is there anything new?
Oration 2 - Hariwir Singh Oration
Towards precision medicine in traumatic brain injury: neuromonitoring-guided individualized treatment strategies’
Session 4
Pharmacokinetics of TCI prediction and anaesthetic agent levels in blood and CSF
Therapeutic hypothermia: Is it the end of the road?
Cerebrovascular Autoregulation Monitoring for Individualisation of Cerebroprotective Therapy
Session 5
Predicting vasospasm - Early detection and management
Choice of anesthetics in primary brain tumors: looking beyond principles of Neuroanesthesia
Neuroanaesthesiologist as neurointensivist: Is it advantageous?
Session 6
interactive discussion 1 - Fluid stewardship in neuroanaesthesia and neurocritical care
interactive discussion 2 -Decompressive craniectomy - Where do we stand now?
Poster presentation
Quiz Finals
GB Meeting

2nd February 2020 - Day 3 Program

Presentations by Paper Winners
Session 1
Blood conservation strategies in Neurosurgery
Management of refractory epilepsy: Current trends
Processed EEG monitoring - Shift focus to waves than the number
Session 2
Goal directed fluid therapy in Neurosurgery
Non-invasive monitoring of the injured brain - right time for further research
Collaborative research in perioperative neurosciences: Opportunities and challenges in India
Session 3
Cognitive Aids for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuroanesthetic Emergencies
Hypertonic saline in TBI: Time for change in practice
Increased functional neurosurgeries: Anesthetic challenges
Oration 3 - Gode Oration
ICP Monitoring: Have we reached to a conclusion?
PG Symposium
Mechanical ventilation in Neurosurgical patients
What do I expect from my D M Neuroanaesthesiology training
Sodium disturbances in Neuro ICU

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